KPN Spotify - Songspots
We had the pleasure of working with kind people of N=5 on the KPN/Spotify Songspots campaign and are very happy with how it turned out!
See the campaign website:
GHOR - Netcentrisch werken
We really love the animations that come out of our fruitful relationship with the people over at 'GHOR'. They are an absolute pleasure to work with.
Also check out the other animation we made for them:
Feaver - Train (official music video)
After a long day of work, Tjeerd likes to write songs for his band FEAVER. And, since animation is our game we thought... Why not make a music video? So, that's excactly what we did!
The result, "Train" is the first single from their debut album - A Year From This Day.
FEAVER's website
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